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I’m not one to write long gushing posts on Facebook about random stuff, I only post stuff personally when I really have something important to say.

For the last three days I have been lucky enough to produce the MFY proms concerts in the Royal Albert Hall, with a wonderful, hard working group of very talented people, they all deserve a personal mention, but I will group them together to save time.

Firstly Judith and all the full time staff and volunteers from MFY, they are so organised and put so much work into the preparation of the show, they make our job easy to execute with their efficiency and positive attitude.

The sound team from Delta Sound, brilliantly professional, great fun to work with, they make us sound great.

The Royal Albert Hall show management, and especially the lighting dept, they make us look great.

My ev-entz team, smooth changes in double quick time, which keeps the concert flowing like wine at the after show party (that’s means tasty and plentiful).

All the performers who so professionally smashed it, over the last three nights we really couldn’t do it without them !!

Great working with you all, I am proud to call you all friends, together stronger…cheers all, see you next time.