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Congratulations to Ev-entz brass specialist Tom Hutchinson and the rest of the Cory band for an amazing 2016.

The year 2016 has been somewhat of an historic year for The Cory Band as the band are quadruple Brass champions; something that has never been done in 150 or so years of Brass banding. Not only are they European Champions, British Open Champions, National Champions of Great Britain but in the last few weeks, ‘Brass in Concert’ Champions.

They end the year as No.1 Brass band in the world for an unprecedented 10th year in a row!

In February, they embarked on a week’s tour of the USA and they have also travelled across Europe and performed in Sweden, Germany, Ireland and France, along with the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Not only has the Cory Band been successful on the traditional contest stage, they have carried the Dream cymbals brand across the world.

Ev-entz are proud of our association with Cory band, and always have a range of Dream cymbals in stock across the ranges – Bliss, Energy & Contact.

Please check out the range of dream cymbals here: